NYC Controlled Exhibitor Resources
NYC Controlled Exhibitor Resources

Tuesday October 29, 2024
Exhibition Hours: 11:00am – 7:00pm
Lunch Served at 12:00pm

Metropolitan Pavilion NYC
125 West 18th Street, 1st Floor
(between 6th & 7th Avenues)
New York, New York, 10011

Registration closes August 30, 2024

Space is limited to one table per applicant.

PLEASE NOTE: Exhibitor fee is due at time of application if paying by credit card. If paying by check or money order, payment is due within 30 days of receipt of confirmation. Failure to complete payment on-time will result in the loss of your reservation.

  • Lighting Control System Manufacturers: Manufacturers of complete lighting control systems and components for Architectural/Architainment applications
  • Luminaire Manufacturers: Luminaire Manufacturers are invited to exhibit lighting controls products, provided that they demonstrate their luminaire lighting control system is fully proprietary or a novel technology
  • Technology Partner Programs: Luminaire manufacturers engaged in technology partner programs with other controls manufacturers may qualify to exhibit with the condition that they demonstrate a fully proprietary or novel system

NEW FOR 2024! Independent Lighting Systems Integrators: As lighting control systems continue to advance, the lighting industry has identified the importance of lighting integration services. NYControlled is inviting Independent* Lighting Systems Integrators to exhibit their products & services.

  • Independent Lighting Systems Integrators are service-based providers, independent of any one specific lighting agency or lighting manufacturer, and are not a subsidiary of any such companies.

NYControlled retains the right to refuse any exhibitor applications. Approval of exhibitors is at the discretion of the NYControlled Advisory Board. Disqualification will be communicated in writing along with refund of the exhibitor fees.

6.5’ x 4.5’ to 10’ x 5’
2ft on each short side of the table, 1ft behind, and 1.5ft in front

  • 6ft Table
  • (1) 20-Amp duplex outlet – shared between two tables.
    Additional power available by request
  • (1) White Linen table cover
  • (2) Chairs. Additional chairs can be ordered during registration at $15 each
  • WIFI access
  • Pipe and drape backdrop where needed
  • LEAD RETRIEVAL: We will be offering paid lead retrieval options and will send you information at a later date.
  • Wastebasket
  • Surge protectors and extension cords

Event Day Site Contacts:
Sam Powers (917) 945-6891
Jennifer Mason (201) 294-3933

  • Set up is allowed day of show only 7:00am-10:00am
  • Exhibitors must be set up by 10:00am
  • All equipment and deliveries need to unload at the loading dock bay located at 124 W 19th Street using the South Bay Doors or Freight Elevator.
  • NO LOAD-IN ALLOWED VIA THE FRONT DOORS on 18th St. This is the guest entrance only.
  • No advance shipping
  • No drayage
  • No storage space for crates or boxes
  • 7:00pm – 8:30pm

$500 (28 Slots available)
As an upgrade to your exhibitor package, you may book an interview with EdisonReport/designing lighting (dl) editorial director Randy Reid. Use this opportunity to talk about the industry, your market observations and/or highlight your brand/new technology. Interviews take about 10 minutes.
EdisonReport / designing lighting (dl) will promote your interview on their platforms and post to their social media channels. You will also have full rights to the video clip.
Edison Report is contributing all fees to support the growth and promotion of NYControlled. EdisonReport/designing lighting (dl) will not collect any revenue.

$2,000 (7 Slots Available)
NYControlled 2024 invites Exhibitors to apply and submit presentation topics. The Event will offer seven consecutive presentations that run from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Each presentation is allotted up to 50 minutes. Presentations may:

  • Cover the exhibitors own control system
  • Offer a CEU on a non-proprietary topic
  • Use exhibitor personnel or an independent professional as the speaker(s)

Proposals will be selected by the NYControlled Committee based on a diverse and broad coverage of lighting controls issues. Completed applications are due by July 15, 2024 and emailed to
You will be notified of acceptance by August 5, 2024.
$2,000 payment is due at the the time of acceptance. You will receive an invoice.


All lanyards for all attendees will bear the branding of your company.
1 Sponsorship Available at $3000

Make your brand a part of the event by sponsoring food and beverages throughout the day. Your logo will be featured prominently at each location during lunch, the cocktail hour, and printed on cocktail napkins.
4 Sponsorships Available at $5,000 each

Make your brand part of the event by sponsoring the coat check area. Your logo will be prominently displayed while our guests drop-off and reclaim their belongings.
1 Sponsorship Available at $2,500

Your brand will be featured prominently with placement across all social media platforms, NYControlled website, and event signage.
5 Sponsorships Available at $4000 each

Help us deliver important announcements and presentations throughout the day by sponsoring AV or WIFI
1 Sponsorship Available for $2800 for WIFI sponsorSOLD
1 Sponsorship Available for $2800 for AV Sponsor

Q: Do I need Insurance for my Booth?
A: No, you do not need to provide documentation for insurance.

Q: Who do I contact about move-in/move-out procedures during the event?
A: Please contact Sam Powers at (917) 945-6891

Q: Am I able to bring my display through the lobby?
A: No, all equipment and deliveries need to unload at the loading dock bay located at 124 W 19th Street using the South Bay Doors or Freight Elevator.

Q: Can I choose the location that I would like to be in?
A: No. You will be advised on the location of your booth by the NYControlled committee.

Q: Are electric outlets provided as part of the booth?
A: Yes. Electrical drops will be provided with 1 outlet and 20A of power to be shared between two booths. We recommend exhibitors bring their own surge protectors and extension cords.

Send additional questions to

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